„There are threads of magic woven within your innermost darkness. Every phase of your sacred cycle contains incredible secrets only waiting for you to rediscover. there is a ritual written across your soul and time has come to reassert your strength back..“



Our Story

Our Label  “Geistzeit” was first introduced to the public in 2016 by Noa and Samoan. Both artists started out producing years earlier using their alias “Noa and Samoan”. Together they found a mutual love, enthusiasm and passion for music. As producers, both were looking for a space in which they could attract, include and present musicians who share the same love and spiritual depth in techno.
Along the way they built multiple connections to other starting producers and artists and created a home for their uniquely Dark and Atmospheric techno sound.
They present themselves and their showcases around Germany. Collaborations with renowned remixers like Tony Casanova, Rauschhaus, Jonas Woehl and many more were successfully established.